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Lucy is the sometime love interest of Jake James who may or may not have a very strong familial tie to Cal. She is Cal's most trusted confidant.

Appearances: 105-112, 201, 203, 205-307


The first love of Cal's life makes a reappearance when he arrives in Los Angeles. The pair first met when Cal was a superhero in his college days at Spartan University. She loves frosting.

Appearances: 101-102, 105-112, 204, 206


The ambitious and green reporter for the newstation LA23, in an interview with Jake James, she finds herself between Cal and Hades. She can kick. That comes in handy when fighting vampires and werewolves.

Appearances: 201-206


The beyond dutiful assistant to the Greek Chair of the God's Council. She served as Zeus' assistant and now works with Cal, trying to keep him up in their good graces. This is a much more difficult job than it should be given his mercurial nature.

Appearances: 301-307


Ned is the Assistant to the God's Council and works almost exclusively with Yahweh to make sure there is order. Ned believes that above all the rules of the council are sacred regardless of who and what they hurt. He has an intense dislike of Cal.

Appearances: 301, 303-306


Megan is a young attorney working with Sebastian Eros. She also happens to be roommates with Jake James, who she secretly loves. Megan quickly finds herself in wildly over her head and eventually in Medusa's Liar. 

Appearances: 101-102, 104, 106-107, 110-112

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