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The Heir to the Throne of Olympus. Sarcastic and a heavy drinker who talks to his whiskey, Cal's entire world is changed when he meets his half-brother Jake James in Los Angeles.

Appearances: 101-307


The God of Communication begins the series stuck in the White Room as the Doorman to Mt. Olympus. Cal's older brother is not always his biggest fan. Invented the internet. You are welcome humans.

Appearances: 103, 105, 108-112, 202-307


The Uncle from Hell. The Lord of the Underworld rose and had some fun. No one blames him for cutting loose, except everyone cause he is a good way. One of the four who imprisoned Chronos and Gaia in the Orb of Tartarus.

Appearances: 201-202, 204-206,

303, 305-307


The King of Seas is Cal's uncle and a gruff dude. He can make whiskey talk so that is pretty phenomenal. One of the four who imprisoned Chronos and Gaia in the Orb of Tartarus.

Appearances: 110-112, 203, 205-206,




A midwestern guy from Ohio with a big heart who discovers his father is the Greek God Zeus. While fighting off a surprise Minotaur attack, Jake meets his spandexed clad brother Cal. Jake is thrust into the spotlight as Zeus' chosen hero for LA.

Appearances: 101-112, 201, 206




The Head of the Greek Gods, conquered his filicidal father Chronos with the help of his wife Hera and siblings Hades and Poseidon. Zeus changed his name to Pablo and fled Olympus when Hades rose from hell to seize his throne. The ultimate womanizing absentee dad loved to pit his children against each other.

Appearances: 103, 105, 109, 112


The Goddess of Wisdom makes her appearance when Hades rises from Hell to give her little brother, Cal, some much needed help. She is ferocious and focused. 

Appearances: 202-206


The God of Love and son of Aphrodite has bigger plans in store for himself than playing matchmaker. Sebastian sets out to retrieve the Golden Fleece from Medusa.

Appearances: 102, 104, 106-107,109, 111-112


The Goddess of Beauty is the daughter of Zeus and is absolutely loyal to The Goddess of Beauty. She has a checkered romantic past and is long separated from her husband Hephaestus. He misses her a great deal. She misses him not so much. 

Appearances: 102-103, 105, 107-109, 112, 205


The Sun God is a smooth operator. He enjoys tanning, swimming and hitting on everyone in his eye line. Lives in the Hollywood Hills and agrees to meet with Kristen Kole for an interview at the behest of Athena.

Appearance: 202


The God of Armour, sometimes known as "The Gimp God" for his sizable limp after being struck by Zeus' lightning bolt. Hephaestus created Cal's armor and was forced into creating The Godslayer for the return of his wife Aphrodite.

Appearances: 204-205


The bro-ish God of War isn't quite as powerful as he would like to be and feels like Hades ruling Olympus might be a better play. Bit of a temper on this one.

Appearances: 202, 204


The father of The Four. Chronos is the original Allfather of the Greeks. His mother and wife Gaia encouraged him to devour their children to preserve their reign ruling the world. Chronos and Gaia were overthrown and imprisoned in the Orb of Tartarus when Zeus and his siblings climbed out of his belly. Always hungry.

Appearances: 304


The mother of The Four and mother/wife to Chronos. Most importantly Gaia is the mother of earth. She is imprisoned in the Orb of Tartarus along with Chronos.

Appearances: 301-307


Hera is the Queen of the Greek Gods and the often cuckholded wife of Zeus. Infuriated by Zeus' womanizing ways after they reached a Decades ago Hera took the once in a lifetime Godly gift of a living a human life and mortalized to live as a normal woman.

Appearances: 305, 307

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