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The World God's Council is made up of all the most powerful Gods on the planet. Their aim is to keep a low profile and let the mortals control their own fate. 

The W.G.C. has one central rule:



Yahweh is the original God, as old as the world. Still Old Testament, Yahweh runs the Council almost like a dictator. While he was never a fan of the lecherous(giving him the name Pablo to avoid embarrassing the Council,) he detests Cal's blatant disregard for rules. Above all Yahweh believes Gods should avoid mortal interference.

Appearances: 301, 303, 306-307


The Egyptian Goddess of Health, Wisdom and Marriage. Isis is one of the oldest Gods and has served on the Council as second in command for as long as anyone can remember. Isis is frustrated with Yahweh's "my way or the highway strategy" and much more level headed.

Appearances: 301-307


The mellow and level headed son of Yahweh is one of the youngest members of the Council. Jesus and Kali introduced Cal to the Council once he became King of Olympus. Jesus is close with everyone in the council and easy to get along with.

Appearances: 206, 301, 303, 306-307


Buddha loves the world and wants harmony. He is copacetic with most of the council, except Odin, who is a too much of a belligerent blowhard for his tastes. Someone misidentified him once and said he had a big belly. He does not, ya know since he invented yoga. 

Appearances: 301, 303, 306-307


The Allfather of the Nordic Gods once plucked out his own eye for some water. Odin is a surly fellow who likes to regale the council with long, usually inappropriate stories about his youth. His new favorite past time is creating offensive nicknames to call Cal during meetings.

Appearances: 301, 303, 306-307


Kali the Destroyer is a one time member of the Council who helped initiate Cal with Jesus. She is on a temporary hiatus from council because they won't let her destroy anything but wouldn't mind another world war so she can blue hulk with 8 arms.

Appearance: 206

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